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OM Basic



For ages 6 and up

OM Exercises Only

Preparation for and rehabilitation after your tongue-tie release.


Promoting lip seal, breathing re-education, correct tongue rest posture and swallow, and good body posture

*Requires (3) longer 50-min sessions for pre & post tongue release, and final assessment 



For ages 6 and up

Sessions may include:

OM Exercises + Health Coaching + Facia Work + HeartMath

Preparation for and rehabilitation after your tongue-tie release.


Promoting Lip Seal, Correct Tongue rest posture and swallow,  breathing analysis, emotional regulation, and sleep hygiene

*may alternate sessions with virtual 30-minute visits to reduce cost and travel time.

OM Plus




  Breathing Behavior Analysis Biofeedback, HeartMath, Health Coaching, Ball Rolling


Promoting stress resiliency, athletic performance,  and improving sleep 

Bringing balance and flexibility to the nervous system by achieving HRV coherence + Aligning breathing mechanics with good breathing chemistry

Expectations and Outcomes

Your program is similar to the experience of taking a college course.


When you register for a semester of classes, you commit yourself to a set number of weekly or bi-weekly classes. Everything you learn builds on the concepts you learned during the class before that. Most students don't find themselves very successful if they attend only half of the classes or complete half of the recommended assignments. Your success in learning greatly depends on: Your intrinsic willingness to adopt new habits, your ability to be patient with your body as it makes these adjustments, and your emotional flexibility to make shifts in the way you self narrate and define your body's state of health and ability to heal. If you don't believe you can heal, it's often unlikely we can make steady gains and progress. Changing habits is a tricky business and at times it may require tremendous effort, humility and self awareness, but when you succeed the pay offs can be extraordinary! I acknowledge the value of your time and monetary investment. I want to help you set realistic expectations in order to gain realistic outcomes. 

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