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Meet Laura

"I support clients with holistic techniques to improve their breathing, sleep, stress resiliency, and athletic performance."

Laura has 20 years of clinical experience practicing in the field of dentistry, 10 years working in pediatrics, and 6 years working in public health. She has spent the last six years studying evidence-based, airway-focused  principles. She holds credentials in Orofacial Myology Breathing Behavior Analysis, Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath, Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching and Herbalism. She is certified to teach movement based techniques such as yoga, Flowfit, and self myofascial release. 


"Breathe Colorado was created for individuals who are curious to find out if the underlying causes of their distress are related to their airway or breathing habits. My goal is to offer a website of resources  with foundational airway wellness education. I also provide a practice space for you to explore your  personal breathing physiology. I'll teach you how to identify the physical signs and symptoms of sleep-disordered breathing, how your lifestyle and day-time habits affect your breathing, sleep quality, and much more. I help you coordinate your care with your health and dental providers.  I offer tools that can build resiliency, increase your energy, and reduce your pain and discomfort.  By making these gains in your health, we will set you up to take on more in your life. I truly look forward to hearing your story and helping you create a roadmap to reach your wellness goals."

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