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Meet Laura

Laura is the founder of Breathe Colorado, a holistic private practice innovating a multidisciplinary approach to enhancing stress resiliency. With 20 years of clinical experience in the field of dentistry, Laura is uniquely positioned to merge principles in neuro-craniofacial sleep medicine and human performance optimization. Her recent training in respiratory psychophysiology, fascia neurobiology, and TACFIT® (a strategically-precise fitness system designed to provide fast recovery from exercise intensity.) afford her the skills to recognize facial features that dramatically impact physiological readiness and real-time recovery.


Breathe Colorado acknowledges that sleep disordered breathing may play a formative role in conditioning and perpetuating maladaptive breathing behaviors. Although acutely adaptive, these learned dysfunctional habits ultimately exacerbate acid-base physiological instability, known as respiratory alkalosis. Laura introduces movement practices and breathing education via capnometric metabolic analysis and HRV biofeedback instrumentation as a toolset for physically and cognitively restructuring breathing behavior.


"Breathe Colorado was created for individuals who are curious to find out if the underlying causes of their distress are related to their airway or breathing habits. My goal is to offer a website of resources  with foundational airway wellness education. I also provide a practice space for you to explore your  personal breathing physiology. I'll teach you how to identify the physical signs and symptoms of sleep-disordered breathing, how your lifestyle and day-time habits affect your breathing, sleep quality, and much more. I help you coordinate your care with your health and dental providers.  I offer tools that can build resiliency, increase your energy, and reduce your pain and discomfort.  By making these gains in your health, we will set you up to take on more in your life. I truly look forward to hearing your story and helping you create a roadmap to reach your wellness goals."

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