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*Breathe Colorado does not accept insurance. You may use your HSA or FSA card.  

Initial Consulation


Meet Laura, review your health history, answers your questions, receive airway education, develop a plan.


This session may be virtual or in-person.



This appointment includes custom reports, recommendation summary, clinical photographs, assessment of body posture, visual screening of dental arch and airway development, lingual function, tethered oral tissues, swallowing, breathing behavior analysis with educational capnography

This session is best in-person.


Sleep Image Sleep 3-Night Screening, includes 60-minute review session   

(Sleep screening is an optional assessment)

Learning Sessions

$125 for 30-minutes myo sessions

$165 for 50-minutes myo sessions

$200 for 60-minute family visits (2 people)

$200 for 60-minute in-person breathing behavior analysis sessions with biofeedback

Myo Learning sessions are available virtually or in-person.

Please Complete a Contact Card

To schedule your first visit

The Journey

Mountain Path

OMT and breathing analysis programs generally consist of 15-25 sessions over a one year period.


Intensive Phase 8 weekly sessions

(Add 1-2 sessions for TMJ stability)

(Add 3 sessions for tongue release surgery)

Habituation Phase 4-6 biweekly sessions

Generalization Phase 4-6 monthly sessions

Mountain Path


Please provide your credit card details to request an appointment.

48-Hour Cancellation Policy

Consultation - billed on the day of service

Assessment - billed on the day of service

Learning Sessions - billed monthly. Your card will be charged on the 1st of each month.

Billing & Cancellations

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