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Your learning program is created on the path of  RESILIENCE

Routine Movement

Utilizing the latest knowledge in fascia neurobiology, I teach you Orofacial Myofunctional Exercises. This neuromuscular re-education brings movement to and retrains the physical structures and muscles that influence your breathing BIOMECHANICS.

No Oral or Facial Pain
Good body posture and mechanics
Lips sealed
Nasal Breathing
Teeth Apart, Tongue Resting Fully on the Palate
Healthy Swallow
30 minutes of continuous movement each day

Sleep Hygiene

Helping you identify what habits are negatively impacting your rest. Teaching you new day and night-time habits which enhance your sleep quality.

Effortless Breathing

We look inside your breathing physiology using educational capnography biofeedback. This teaches you to align breathing mechanics with good breathing BIOCHEMISTRY and identify dysfunctional breathing habits which are no longer serving you.

Breathing should be:
effortless, smooth, complete, silent, fully allowed, nasal and diaphragmatic

Intuition and Mindfulness

Self awareness empowers you to listen to your body and intrinsically know your personal needs. According to neuroscience research, mindfulness practices dampen activity in our amygdala -  part of the limbic system within the brain. This plays a key role in how we process strong emotions. Emotions dramatically influence our breathing behaviors.

Lowering Inflammation

Helping you identify sources of inflammation in your lifestyle, diet, or environment. This will help clear your nasal passage to 
breathe  easily.

Investment in Self-care

Empowering you to plan nourishing activities each week to promote a balanced lifestyle and reduce stress.

Eating Mindfully

Sit up straight. Pause. Express gratitude. Chew completely. Swallow intentionally. Diverse microbiome. Eat whole organic foods. Eat fermented foods. Eat the rainbow. Each color represents a different phytochemical and set of nutrients that may benefit your health. Plant-based diets lower inflammation, promote a diverse gut microbiome, reduce pain, increase hydration, and reduce the risk for diabetes and
heart disease. REDCUE processed and sugary non-food items. 

What else are you consuming? The community we surround ourselves with, the content we absorb through, music, social media, TV, and our surroundings. The thoughts you have. Your self identity. Your internal dialogue and narrative. Consider how your body is responding to what you take in everyday.


Spending time in nature has been associated with lower stress and a diverse microbiome. These shifts can  help you balance your health, sleep, and breathing.

Calming the Nervous System & Eliminating Pain

By far, the most crucial step in the path of resilience. Removing pain and restoring your energy is our number one priority in balancing your breathing. I provide functional neuromyofascial techniques to assist in resolving TMJ pain and recalibrate the fascia in the head and neck. We can teach your body how to down-regulate into a relaxed state using Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback. HeartMath Interventions promote good breathing PSYCHOLOGY by replacing depleting emotions with renewing ones. These techniques help move your body into a more coherent and efficient state.


Engaging in Community

Community is critical for us to thrive. Believe it or not, loving connections can dramatically influence the way you breathe and lift your body into a more efficient vibration.

How we navigate this path is driven by your symptoms, feedback and willingness to learn. Depending on your needs, we can address one step at a time, or many at once. Each session begins with a discussion about your goals and objectives.

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