Services & Fees

Free 15-minute phone call

$75 - 50-minute initial consultation

$225 -  child assessment (ages 6-18)

$250 - adult assessment (ages 15 and up)

All learning sessions are offered for

30 or 50-minutes

*The total sessions required is determined during the time of your assessment 

*You will require at least 6-8 weekly session if you are seeking OMT services to prepare for a tongue-tie release 

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

Neuromuscular re-education exercises to target the muscles of your mouth and face to teach your tongue to rest up and out of your airway. You learn how to keep your lips closed, breathe nasally, and swallow properly. You will also learn how to bring routine movement to the entire respiratory complex with yoga asana postures and  ball rolling techniques to open up your chest and restore good posture. 

Breathing Behavior Analysis

Using educational capnometery, we measure your carbon dioxide levels (the primary gas which influences your breathing). This experience gives you insights into your breathing physiology. We explore your breathing habits and determine if a dysfunctional breathing behavior may be the source of easy fatiguability, chronic pain, and more). You will learn if your personal symptoms are directly related to your breathing habits. This key information will teach you how to align your breathing mechanics with good breathing chemistry.

HeartMath & HRV Training

Stimulating heart rate variability (HRV) coherence will increases your body's resilience. We will demonstrate how stress and emotions influence your HRV.
HeartMath and resonant frequency breathing techniques teach your nervous system flexibility. Renewing emotions play an important role in helping you develop good breathing patterns and a coherent heart rate variability. Mindfulness techniques are offered to build greater self-awareness. 


 Functional neuromyofascial techniques for the  head and neck.

Very intentional and specific soft tissue manipulation to resolve pain and restore movement in seconds. Movement is retested immediately and the location of manipulation is adjusted depending on where the client feels pain or restriction. This means that the release is client guided. We work with the body to guide us towards meaningful change. It may significantly reduce tension, TMJ clicking and pain.